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Learning Music - Benefit to Our Personality

Benefits of Learning MusicThere are only few of us who don't enjoy music and most of us have the desire to learn music or learn singing - whether by joining offline music classes or online music classes. There are ones who enjoy music and do that by learning singing, listening to music or engaging to play an instrument like learn guitar or learn to play piano. Despite the universal interest, not m

Raag and Its Terminologies - Learn Music Online

RAG and its terminologies – Learn music OnlineIn the last blog or class of the online music classes by Pt. Bhimsen Joshi Sangeet Academy, we introduced to the Hindustani Classical Music , The Basic Swaras –  Sa, Re, Ga, Ma, Pa, Dha and Ni – and The “Raga”. In continuation we will describe the basic terminologies used to describe the Raga.Terminologies Used to Describe “Rag”The ragas


Introduction to “HINDUSTANI CLASSICAL MUSIC”My first Online Music Class - Learn the basics of Music OnlineHindustani or North Indian classical music (also known as ‘Shastriya Sangeet’) is the traditional music of the Indian subcontinent. The origins of Hindustani classical music can be found in the Samaveda (wherein Sāman means "melody" and Veda means "knowledge"). The Samaveda comes seco

Importance to Learn Indian Classical Music Online

Importance Of Indian Classical — Learn Music Online in Covid Era The Vocal Music trad­ition (Singing) is especially strong in the gamut of Indian music which consists of other forms including Instruments.  It goes without saying that the song is probably the most ancient form of music.  It is said that the "Samaveda" is the oldest musical text in India.  It is true that the Samaveda

What is the Right Age to Learn Music?

What is the Right Age to Learn Music?Know More with The Best Online Music Classes Music has always been the connection of Mind and Soul. Music has the power to change moods at all times and that makes it a powerful tool of expression. Many people like to live their life with music. Music also helps to rejuvenate yourself, recharge your energies and also break through the day-long stress.Learning

How My 4-Year-Daughter Taught Me Music - Learn Music from Your Child

Online Music Classes – How My 4-Year-Daughter Taught Me Music Surprising, isn’t it? But its true. I had enrolled my little one with Swar Kala Sangam Online Music classes during the lockdown when my daughter was just 3 years old. Now that she has been learning music for more than one year and now she has started teaching me. She performs the role model of her music teacher Ms. Mukta Ma’am an

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