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History of Indian Classical Music - The Indian Music Evolution

The Singing tradition Vocal Music is especially strong in the gamut of Indian music which consists of other forms including Instruments.  It goes without saying that the song is probably the most ancient form of music.  It is said that the "Samaveda" is the oldest musical text in India.  It is true that the Samaveda is written in a crude musical notation.  Indian Contemporary musical f

What is the Right Age to Learn Music? How young can we start teaching our children?

Music has always been the connect of Mind and Soul. Music has the power to change the moods at all times and thats makes it a powerful tool of expression. There are many people who like to like the life with music. Music also helps to rejuvenate yourself, recharge your energies and also break through the day long stress.Learning Music Online is fun and so much it is as a devotion. It requires a lo

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