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A step by step guide to take you from no bookings to 30+ Wedding Photography bookings within two years!

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What learn

  • Advanced Machine Learning: This topic includes advanced algorithms and techniques in supervised learning
  • Advanced AI Techniques: This topic covers more advanced AI techniques, such as Bayesian networks
  • Computer Vision: This field focuses on the processing and analysis of visual information using AI techniques.
  • Natural Language Processing: This area focuses on the processing and analysis of human language

Course Content

4 sections • 7 lectures • 03h 55m total length
Introduction to Photography
Understanding Exposure: Aperture, Shutter Speed, and ISO
Composition Techniques: Rule of Thirds, Leading Lines, and Symmetry
Lighting: Natural Light vs. Artificial Light, Light Quality, and Light Direction
Camera Gear: Choosing the Right Camera, Lenses, and Accessories
Shooting in Manual Mode: Controlling Exposure, Focus, and White Balance
Portraiture: Posing, Lighting, and Creating a Connection with Your Subject


  • No, all you need is a passion and good knowledge of photography. This is not a photography course, it is a business course!


I will teach you everything you need to know to begin and grow a successful photography business, online and offline.

There are 25 videos and over 7 hours of footage between you now, and you beginning your journey to pursuing a career that is fun, creative and pays extremely well!

The average Wedding Photographer earns about £1,300 per wedding. I can teach you how to get 30+ bookings by the end of year two. You can then scale from there onward to up to 50 bookings a year.

Learn how to attract more customers over time. Build a fantastic reputation to a point where you will have more people asking you to do their wedding than you can physically do.

The course also includes a template wedding photography contract and several email templates for different stages of the booking process. 



  • Leave your job to make a career out of your passion.


  • Learn business skills that can actually be applied to any profession.


  • Learn how to grow your business.


  • Learn how to interact with customers to build a great reputation.


  • Learn how to easily build and grow a website with no prior experience.


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About Instructor

About Instructor

An LMS (Learning Management System) instructor is a person who is responsible for creating and delivering educational content to students through an LMS platform. They use the platform to create courses, assignments, quizzes, and other educational materials that are used to teach students. The instructor may also interact with students, grade assignments, and provide feedback on their progress. The goal of an LMS instructor is to provide an effective and efficient learning experience for students using the LMS platform.