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Skilliful Instructor is a LMS designed to help instructors create, manage, and deliver online courses.

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Happy Student is likely a company or brand name that provides educational services, although without further context.

Live Classes

Live classes (LMS) refer to educational or training sessions that are delivered in real-time, usually over the internet.


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Our Features

Course Management: Allows instructors to create, manage, and deliver course content, including videos, audio recordings, presentations, and documents. User Management: Enables administrators

Instructor involved in course

Instructors are the primary facilitators in LMS courses. They are responsible for creating, delivering and assessing course content, providing feedback and support to students, and monitor

Bundle Courses

Bundle courses are often created by subject matter experts and may include video lectures, interactive quizzes, assignments, and other materials. They are designed to build upon each other

Instructor Subscription

An Instructor Subscription in an LMS (Learning Management System) refers to a paid membership that allows an instructor to access certain features and tools within the platform to create a

Live Meetings

Live Meetings in an LMS (Learning Management System) refer to real-time online classes and lectures that are conducted through a virtual platform. This type of technology allows instructor

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