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Importance of a Good Mentor in Learning Kathak

Training by a good mentor is required to learn a specific style of Performing Art . Still, one must make a good foundation, for a strong foundation theory is equally essential as Practical in Indian Classical Dances like Kathak.

Kathak is dependent upon Laya & Taal (rhythm). For better understanding, one also needs to study the theoretical part of the Kathak.

Kathaks'sKathaks's History, Its origin, and various techniques are essential to learning to understand the Indian Classical Dance form.

Indian Classical Dances are not abstract. Knowing the movements and expression behind it helps connect with the audience and express the correct emotions. Depicting these emotions coorectly is called Bhava.

To make your foundation strong, one needs to understand technicalities of Kathak dance. A strong foundation will help you to appreciate the body movements and its control.

You will be able to understand and appreciate the balancing body movements, your hand movements, and quality of your footwork, along with the sense of Taal.

Learning any dance form is always good and you also become a torch bearer for the generations. And strenghtening the foundation will require dedication and practice. Never fell in the trap of the illusion that we know everything. Keep learning as it is a never-ending process.

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